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In BASE you can create a personal profile, add favorites and save your search history permanently.
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Find documents without typing search terms. You can choose from different kinds of browsing, by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), by document type, by license or by access.
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Synonyms / Translations

Multi-lingual search with Eurovoc thesaurus: By choosing "Multilingual Synonyms" you can search for synonyms and translations. All in all 239,000 terms from 21 languages are included in Eurovoc.
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Blog / Twitter

Follow us on our twitter channel @BASEsearch. If you like to twitter about BASE you can use the hashtag #basesearch. On our Weblog you can get general news about BASE (in German only).

Website for mobile devices

Smartphone clients will be automatically redirected to our mobile website. BASE supports all modern platforms like Android, IOS, Windows Phone.
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Search Plugin

Search faster with the BASE search plugin (for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). You can search the academic web with BASE directly through the search toolbar of your browser.
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Search Box

If you want to provide a search field for BASE searches on your website, simply add the following piece of source code to your home page:

<form action="https://www.base-search.net/Search/Results" method="get" accept-charset="UTF-8">
<input type="text" name="lookfor" style="width:200px;" maxlength="1024" />
<input type="submit" value="Search BASE" />
<input type="hidden" name="l" value="en" />
<input type="hidden" name="refid" value="dcexternen" />

By using CSS you can customize the design of the search box, so that it fits your web site well. Be careful not to modify the code, it may affect the functionality.

Interface for Zotero

Zotero is the name of a platform independent open source software for collecting, managing and citing various kinds of online and offline resources. It is available and useable as an add-on for the Firefox browser. To a large extent, the assumed functions of a classic reference management system are supported. After having installed the add-on you can transfer results from BASE to Zotero.
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For Database and Repository Manager

Integration of BASE into local infrastructures (API)

For non-commercial purposes only you can integrate the BASE index via an API into your own local infrastructure (e.g. meta search engines, library catalogues). For the realisation we provide a HTTP interface. A manual is available for download:

Download BASE Interface Guide (Version 1.14, August 2017)

Before you can start testing and using the HTTP interface, your IP address needs to be registered first. Please send us a short message.

BASE OAI Interface

Project partners can retrieve the OAI metadata collected and normalized by BASE via an OAI-OMH interface:

BASE OAI interface

Before you can start testing and using the OAI interface, your IP address needs to be registered first. Please send us a short message.

Validate OAI Interface

A service for repository managers: OVAL, the BASE OAI-PMH Validity Checker easily verifies if the OAI-interface is compliant with the BASE requirements.


Our OAI-PHM Blog communicates information related to harvesting and aggregating activities performed for BASE.